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Welcome at bouwens&

Every day, we aim to offer our clients a unique experience. Our people are natural hosts: truly and sincerely friendly, and always ready to help or assist. We are in love with service!

Now is the time to outsource your hospitality and reception services!

Covid-19 has once and for all demonstrated the importance of remote working. This will have a lasting effect on the way we think about working environments. The office will become a meeting place more than a working space.

To find and fascinate the best clients and employees, you need the impeccable office service that bouwens& can develop. As market leader and innovator in hospitality and reception services we will gladly create an experience with the wow-factor for your organisation.

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Only excellent hosts

A bouwens& host uses their skills and experience to improve the atmosphere, comfort, safety, and efficiency of every work environment and living space. They are always prepared to welcome, assist, or advise. Attentive, alert and adequate.

Digital tools

To keep adding value for our clients we’ve developed two digital tools. These are aimed at supporting the client’s operation and improve the quality of service.

ARRIVED is our free online registration system for visitors of office environments. Implementation of this practical tool is easy. It is designed purely to efficiently connect guests and employees.

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Reporter allows for online registration of our staff's activities, incident reports, and other information. With this data we produce tangible insights into an organisation’s facility management. These insights are used to develop and improve services.

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Supplier guidance

Rick Berkouwer

Firma Bidfood will bring delivery for Building B.


Lost item returned

Esmée Berkendam

An umbrella has been found.

Found object

Reception of guests

Esmée Berkendam

Mr van der Pas has been registered and taken to the reception area.

Front desk

Reception of guests

Esmée Berkendam

Mrs. Zoetemaker is registered and taken to the reception area.

Front desk

Issuing keys

Jolanda van Vliet

TD mechanic pass issued to Jannes D.

Front desk

Access door on night mode

Nico Handvanger

The sliding door on the 2nd floor is in the evening / night position.


Internal audit

Esmée Berkendam

Security reports that it has completed an internal audit. Nothing unusual.



Nico Handvanger

End of shift Nico Handvanger.


Our testimonials

In the brand-new Princess Máxima Center care and research in the area of childhood cancer are brought together in one location.

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Since 2010 guests and employees of FD Mediagroep, well known from Het FD and BNR Nieuwsradio, have been experiencing hospitable reception services.

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The corona policy within law firm Van Doorne is focused primarily on relieving employees from part of their workload and maintaining the excellent service towards the client.

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Facilitair Management 3.0

Tijdens een digitale bijeenkomst mochten wij onlangs met het facility management van de AFM van gedachten wisselen over de impact van COVID-19 op de wereld van facilitaire dienstverlening. In dit artikel is een korte terugblik te vinden met een aantal bevindingen.