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Our mission

Our mission is to create memorable experiences for your staff and visitors. The name Bouwens has been synonymous with impeccable services for almost 100 years now. It's likely that in the past you’ve been welcomed by our friendly staff, without knowing it was us.

By developing cutting-edge and guest-oriented technology, we’ll continue to raise the bar today and tomorrow. Our data driven applications allow for constant improvement. From reception and security services to workplace management, we aim to lead the Benelux market. Not necessarily in size, but definitely in quality.

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Since 2010 guests and employees of FD Mediagroep, well known from Het FD and BNR Nieuwsradio, have been experiencing hospitable reception services.

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The corona policy within law firm Van Doorne is focused primarily on relieving employees from part of their workload and maintaining the excellent service towards the client.

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Zodra je bij Brocacef binnenkomt word je in de watten gelegd. Het facility management krijgt daar veel complimenten over.

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