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Concierge and Lifestyle Services

Quality of life

Our concierge and lifestyle services make people's lives easier. You will find in our specialists a personal assistant at times when you can use it. Think of arranging flowers, dry cleaning, car wash, tickets, shopping, babysitting, handyman, moving and packing services and much more. 

Our team of experts is equally happy to help organise events, dinners and trips. The possibilities are endless.

Globally active, locally involved

We started this service over a decade ago in London. Since then, the service has also been available in global cities such as Paris and Dubai, and now in the Benelux.

Employment benefit of top employers

With concierge and lifestyle services, you show as an employer that you care about the health and well-being of your employees. They feel supported by an employer who makes time for ambition, rest and relaxation. Your company gets productive and satisfied employees in return.

Added value for property owners

In multi-tenant office buildings, concierge and lifestyle services unburden tenants and users.  That helping hand supports and improves the work-life balance. People smile again! With satisfied tenants and users, we contribute to the success and attractiveness of your property.

Concierge and lifestyle services in residential buildings

Residents of high-end residential buildings receive concierge and lifestyle services tailored to their personal needs and preferences with bouwens&.  These excellent services match the comfortable lifestyle that residents of such locations rightly expect.