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Every bouwens& employee is a host or hostess.

About us

We are bouwens&, The Netherlands’ leading hospitality specialist. For the buildings, offices and other locations of our clients we develop custom front-of-house solutions.

We are driven by commitment, dedication, and innovation. For more than 10 years now, this drive has earned us the trust of many renowned financial institutions, law firms, technology companies, real estate enterprises, retail companies, hospitals and many others. The experience and knowhow we’ve gained is applied every day in our security services, reception services, facility service desk, and other services.

For each successful service we deliver, we owe thanks to our passionate and committed employees. Their efforts, combined with the training and supervision of our teams, create unique experiences for our clients every day. Our people are natural hosts and hostesses. They are the core of our operations; they are in love with service!

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