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Successful Summer Party in a radiant Vondelpark

31 October 2023

Finally we could do it again! Our first summer staff party without COVID19 restrictions - for many new staff members the first Summer Party ever - took place on 29 September. An unforgettable evening of enjoyment together, as evidenced by the video below. 

Amsterdam's Vondelpark served as the perfect location for our staff party. CEO Michael Bouwens and COO Tessa de Grijff gave heartwarming speeches, and all cyclists of the Tour d'Armonia were also presented with a beautiful trophy. This fundraising bike ride, sponsored by our parent company Armonia and some external generous donors, was ridden a week earlier to support the Princess Máxima Centre and the Belgian Children's Cancer Fund.

Like the Winter Party in early January, this Summer Party was traditionally organised, with delicious snacks and drinks, and a full, happy dance floor - this time led by DJ group Club HutjeMutje.