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The warm welcome your guests and employees deserve.

The modern office place is always evolving. Once a mere working environment, now it is a meeting place that has to inspire and attract the best people. Subsequently, relations, guests, and employees have ever higher expectations when it comes to office services and reception services. A perfectly organized warm welcome is the start of many successful meetings and appointments. That is why your reception services deserve dedicated specialists.

Reception services with our Hospitality Host

With bouwens& you outsource your reception services to hosts and hostesses who make every moment of interaction memorable. We achieve this level of service with a new type of host: the Hospitality Host.

Experience a personal assistant

The entire time people are inside your building, they feel supported by their personal assistant; the Hospitality Host. This specialist in corporate reception services is available to assist them at any time and caters to their every need and request. A fresh cappuccino, connecting a video beamer, arranging catering, ordering a taxi; every detail is taken care of. Guests leave the building with smiles on their faces.

Reception services and more

Besides at your reception services, the Hospitality Host can be deployed at many other positions. For instance at your telephone centre, service desk, mailroom, or during events. Our people are flexible, polite, and dressed for the occasion.

We are proud to call these organizations our clients

We want to make a fan out of every client, so we aim for a long term relation with our partners and for surpassing their expectations on a daily basis.

Organizations such as NautaDutilh and FD Mediagroep have been benefitting from outsourcing their reception services to bouwens& for years. Their guests and employees are able to focus fully on their core business. We take care of every detail and provide flawless reception services.

Our six commitments

Reception outsourcing to bouwens& is a choice for continuous quality. We commit to providing:

1. Hosts and hostesses that go the extra mile

Every Hospitality Host is an experienced specialist in reception services. They are recruited to fit your organization and later pre-approved by you. Through continuous support to your guests and employees, these professionals add to the success of your reception services on a daily basis.

2. Tailored reception services

Outsourcing your reception services to bouwens& offers a complete service that is based on the specific requests and demands of your situation. From the reception itself to telephone service, service desk, mailroom, and meeting room management. Both the service and the appearance of our hosts are fine-tuned to the culture, identity, and image of your organization.

3. Your personal Hospitality Manager

The Hospitality Manager plays a central role in the structure of our reception services. It is an adviser who wants to build a long-term relation with you, knows your ambitions, and recognizes opportunities. The Hospitality Manager is there to answer any thinkable question or request.

4. Permanent staff and trained flex workers

The daily roster for our reception services consists of a core pool of permanent Hospitality Hosts. In case of absence because of sickness or holiday, this core is supported by a number of pre-trained flex workers.

5. Top employer

We have been aiming for the position of top employer in the facility market since day one. So we invest in the personal growth of our people. We offer them workshops and courses at the Hospitality Academy, intensive training, long-term contracts, and a good salary. You see that investment returned in their commitment and energetic work attitude in your reception services.

6. Sustainable partnership

The & sign in our company name symbolizes the connection with our partners and employees. Our people feel an ‘ownership responsibility’ for your company. We enjoy our work and improve ourselves constantly. Your partnership with bouwens& adds value to your business, in good times and on challenging moments.

Proven approach

From normal reception services to a professional hospitality instrument; we guide you from our first meeting throughout execution.

Every situation is unique and deserves a custom solution. Below you find a step-by-step description of our path towards inviting, tailored reception services for your organization.

1. Analysis current reception services and establishing requests and demands

Together, we take a close look at the current situation. In an extensive exchange of thoughts and ideas we analyse factors such as the guest journey. Then we look ahead and establish what is needed in the future. Our experts in (corporate) reception services offer advice and reveal new insights.

2. Recruitment, selection, and presentation of employees

We aim to position only Hospitality Hosts at your reception services that are fully compatible with the culture and identity of your company. That is why it is essential to first compose a profile for a Hospitality Host in your specific environment. With that profile we start the selection process. We present you with suitable candidates and together we select the best people. We also write a handbook with instructions for the reception services.

3. Introduction and training program

To allow our employees to get to know each other and their new working environment we organize a meeting day. During a tour around the office, the Hospitality Hosts see the building and get a feel for its culture and people. Before the start of service all employees follow a program of courses at the Hospitality Academy and work several trial shifts. Your reception is staffed with trained, enthusiastic specialists from the first moment of service.

4. Start reception services

The new reception services start on the agreed upon date.

5. Periodic evaluation and optimization reception services

All efforts, results, and insights are monitored and evaluated. This takes place in our monthly operational meeting and in the quarterly meeting with management report. Combined with mystery visits, these tools allow us to constantly improve the experience of your guests and employees.


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