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The warm welcome your guests and employees deserve.

Reception services

The modern office place is always evolving. Once a mere working environment, now it is a meeting place that has to inspire and attract the best people. Subsequently, relations, guests, and employees have ever higher expectations when it comes to office services and reception services. A perfectly organized warm welcome is the start of many successful meetings and appointments. That is why your reception services deserve dedicated specialists.

Reception services with our Hospitality Host

With bouwens& you outsource your reception services to hosts and hostesses who make every moment of interaction memorable. We achieve this level of service with a new type of host: the Hospitality Host.

Experience a personal assistant

The entire time people are inside your building, they feel supported by their personal assistant; the Hospitality Host. This specialist in corporate reception services is available to assist them at any time and caters to their every need and request. A fresh cappuccino, connecting a video beamer, arranging catering, ordering a taxi; every detail is taken care of. Guests leave the building with smiles on their faces.

Reception services and more

Besides at your reception services, the Hospitality Host can be deployed at many other positions. For instance at your telephone centre, service desk, mailroom, or during events. Our people are flexible, polite, and dressed for the occasion.

We are proud to call these organizations our clients

We want to make a fan out of every client, so we aim for a long term relation with our partners and for surpassing their expectations on a daily basis.

Organizations such as Van Doorne and FD Mediagroep have been benefitting from outsourcing their reception services to bouwens& for years. Their guests and employees are able to focus fully on their core business. We take care of every detail and provide flawless reception services.