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Security Services

Where hospitality meets safety

The days of the stern, intimidating security guard are long gone. Your visitors and employees rightly want to feel welcome and safe. That is why we developed the Security Officer Plus: a professional security officer with the appearance and skills of a hostess or host.

Security Services with Security Officer Plus

The Security Officer Plus gives everyone a warm welcome. This specialist enjoys dealing with people, listens attentively, and tailors services to individual needs and situations.

The Security Officer Plus has a proactive attitude and is versatile. Besides security, the skillset of the Security Officer Plus also includes reception, telephony, mailroom and events. Our employees are naturally polite and have a very neat appearance thanks to the stylish Suitsupply and LaDress clothing.

Skilled security officer

The Security Officer Plus is responsible for the security of the building and the safety of the people who enter it. He or she supervises, carries out access checks and makes rounds. Through preventive observation, unusual and potentially dangerous behaviour is noticed immediately. If necessary, the Security Officer Plus acts appropriately. This expert is ER and AED certified.

Integrating several functions in one person provides a streamlined service and may save your company money.


Our in-house developed system Reporter offers many advantages. The Security Officers Plus have their to-do list, record their activities and register incidents and reports. They communicate directly with each other and work as one team. That way, our specialists achieve more. 

The dashboard gives you a complete overview of security services at any time. Everything can be followed in real time and objectively. Graphs and tables make developments and trends visible.

Clients we are proud of

Renowned organisations have benefited from outsourcing security services to bouwens& for years. Their visitors and employees focus entirely on their core business; we take every worry off their hands. Not with traditional security guards, but with modern Security Officers Plus.