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Where hospitality and security meet.

Security services

Providing a safe working environment is not the only task of the modern security officer. Today’s guests, visitors and employees expect to feel welcome in their workplace. This is why we have developed the Security Host: a professional security officer that acts as a host.

Security services with the Security Host

The Security Host offers every visitor and employee a warm welcome. This specialist in security services knows how to approach people. He listens to them in a friendly yet efficient fashion. Our security services are always tailored to your specific requests and situation!

All-round security service

Naturally, the Security Host is a highly skilled security officer. He is responsible for security and for the wellbeing of your visitors and staff. Our security services include surveillance, access control, and opening, inspection, and closing rounds. Integrating multiple tasks in one position streamlines service and reduces cost.

Preventive surveillance

Our Security Hosts are AED certified emergency response officers. They are vigilant and act swiftly when required. Preventive surveillance allows them to notice and address any out of the ordinary, potentially harmful behaviour. Disturbing individuals or situations are neutralized instantly.

Security services and additional tasks

The Security Host is proactive and versatile by nature. Besides security and reception services, he’ll gladly offer support by answering the telephone, or by assisting at the service desk or during events. Our people are flexible, polite, and literally suited for he job.

We are proud to call these organizations our clients

We want to make a fan out of every client, so we aim for a long-term relation. We want to surpass your expectations every day.

Organizations such as Van Doorne and Princess Máxima Center have been benefitting from outsourcing their security services to bouwens& for years. Their visitors and employees are able to focus entirely on their core business. We take care of every detail and provide high quality security services. Not with traditional security officers, but with modern Security Hosts.