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No more “just another day at the office”!

11 November 2022

In the modern, challenging labour market, the competition for the best people is fiercer than ever. Talented and well-educated employees often have a wide choice of jobs and expect employers to provide the best possible working environment. In addition, returning to the office after COVID is certainly not a given everywhere. At bouwens&, we know these challenges and know how to create an office where employees and guests like to (return to) come.

This is why bouwens& presents several new services, such as Integrated Facility Management (IFM), Concierge & Lifestyle Services, and Business Support. So your office too can be a distinctive answer to a changing labour market and the new balance between working from home and the office.

Below you can read how outsourcing to bouwens& creates closer working relationships, better performance, cost savings and a rock-solid reputation as a brand and an employer.

Eva, Hostess on behalf of bouwens& at an international law firm on the Zuidas

Walking into the office well before opening, Eva opens the digital logbook first. Managing partner James Watson will soon have a 'high priority meeting' with Saskia Velp, an important client! Although to Eva, everyone is actually equally important, she thinks to herself. Quickly, she first sends handyman Kees to a leaking tap in a toilet on the sixth floor. And cleaner Sam past the building's main entrance, where an incoming employee has just dropped a cup of coffee. Fortunately, protocols are clear and facility services staff know what to do. Disruptions never last long, as all office employees as well as facilities colleagues can easily and quickly make reports using bouwens&'s Reporter app.

Next Eva arranges flowers for an employee celebrating an anniversary and sends out invitations for the 'return to the office' event her office is hosting next month. Well before James' appointment, she makes sure the meeting room is tidy and everything is ready, including media and catering. When Saskia reports at the gate, Eva welcomes her over the intercom: "Welcome Mrs Velp, how nice of you to be back. You may pick a parking space next to the entrance." There is just enough time to inform the Concierge & Lifestyle Desk that the carwash has arrived and check that the concert tickets for the partners have been arranged. When Saskia walks in, Eva immediately steps up to meet her.

Saskia Velp, owner and director of a leading IT company

Saskia has already had a morning full of meetings, traffic jams and phone calls. And that was after the round of breakfast, showers, and taking the children to school. Tired, she plops down in the reception area. "Hopefully the meeting with James here later goes well," she thinks. "A lot depends on it." Before she realises it, hostess Eva's personal attention makes her quickly unwind and enjoy a really good espresso macchiato. Fortunately, she knows Eva and can trust that later in the meeting room, the catering, technology and support will be arranged flawlessly. In fact, this is the case with all relations where she meets specialists from bouwens&. Undisturbed, she goes through her presentation in the spotless but inviting reception room, while Eva makes sure James comes to pick Saskia up at the agreed time. Saskia had visited here once before, and it is known that an important meeting is scheduled. Therefore, at Eva's request, the catering colleague has brought in Saskia's favourite oat milk earlier this week. And there are fresh sandwiches with hummus, because the digital log says that this is Saskia's favourite lunch.

James Watson, Managing Partner of the law firm

Having worked in London for five years, James is used to something in terms of business services. Nevertheless, he was pleasantly surprised when he was introduced to bouwens&'s extensive range of services at his new employer two years ago. His business contacts also noticed how well they are supported. James himself never has to worry about technology at meetings or taking care of his guest. This leaves him with plenty of time to prepare meetings, for example. James can even book his personal trainer and have tickets for his favourite football club ordered by the Concierge & Lifestyle Desk.

When he arrives extra early that morning, hostess Eva has everything under control. James can sit at his desk quietly going through the final pieces, if that broken light in the corridor wouldn't bother him so much. Fortunately, with the bouwens&'s Reporter app, he can report such a thing immediately; 10 minutes later handyman Kees has replaced the light.

Full of confidence, James steps into the reception room after Eva's notification of Saskia's arrival to collect his guest. "This is going to work out just fine", he thinks as they join his team in the meeting room a little later to review the first slides.

The bouwens& effect

Eva, Saskia and James bid each other a satisfied farewell two hours later at the main entrance. Eva is happy and proud to have facilitated the success of this collaboration. Despite previous experiences at this office, Saskia still did not expect that a day could be so carefree and fully supported. On his way to his desk, James sends his review of the handling of the fixed light via Reporter; handyman Kees gets five stars. The meeting was successful, the contracts were signed; the two companies enter into a long-term partnership with each other.

We have been adding value through distinctive hospitality and facility services for almost two decades. We do this, for example, for the lawyers of DLA Piper and Van Doorne, the medical specialists of the Prinses Máxima Center, government bodies such as the Province of North Holland and many other sectors.

Wondering how our new services can also make your organisation even more hospitable and successful? Please continue reading here