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The right conditions for creating the best security agents

Article by Michael Bouwens

A security officer needs to have a set of quite specific skills. Dealing with different types of people and behaviour is definitely one of them. You only have to think of security officers at airports, who see either happy or quite angry passengers in stressful situations. Or the ones that work in hospitals and see extremely sad or worried people come and go every day. Every situation requires a specific approach and matching attitude.

Another very important element is the way a security agent reacts to stress. The perfect agent anticipates incidents, stays calm, and retains oversight when others panic.

Obviously, not everybody is meant to be a security agent. For instance, a lack of empathy and general interest in other people is an absolute deal breaker. As we see it, a security agent should always be ready and willing to help people!

After you’ve established that someone has the right personality for the job, you still haven’t made this person the best security officer for the job. So, how do you transform someone who has the basic skills of a security officer into the best of the best? I think there are three conditions that need to be facilitated in order to let people excel at their job.

Firstly, there has to be a decent education and training, with regular updates and adding skills is crucial. It has been proven that people who keep learning are better at their job, but they also enjoy it more! It is simply fun to excel.

A second condition for creating the best agents, is an organization that stands with its officers, facilitates, supports, and above all, listens! I’ve mentioned several situations that can affect people emotionally in a profound way, even when they have been properly trained. Their organizations should always be aware of this and offer support when needed. This maximizes the chance of a long and satisfying career in security.

Lastly, an ingredient of success that might seem irrelevant, but is regarded as important as the first two at bouwens&: clothing. How can we expect security agents to present themselves with authority while wearing suits with a bad style and an uncomfortable fit? When it comes to confidence and presence, a bad suit is a bad start. Our Security Hosts all wear stylish, tailored outfits from Suitsupply. Our clients notice this and not rarely compliment us for it. Our people are excited to wear quality at work, it makes them act more confidently.