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Invisible and indispensable

Article by Tessa de Grijff

COO bij bouwens&

28 February 2021

One of the positive side-effects of this pandemic is that we’re being confronted with the indispensability of certain professions. It’s clear that as a society, we need our nurses, doctors, scientists, and police force. Of course this is something we already knew, but rarely truly realize or acknowledge.

In fact, as a society we leave certain professionals hanging a little too often. It’s a shame we need a crisis to shine a light on these hardworking men and women, but let’s turn this into our advantage. In other words, let’s make sure these groups can count on our appreciation in more normal times as well, also when it comes to rewarding.

A professional group that I think should be regarded as indispensable as well, now more than ever, is that of the security guards. Our new reality is one with 1,5-meter distance, which is asking a lot from organizations and people alike. It’s not in our nature to avoid contact, however at the moment it’s crucial. Upholding government guidelines largely comes down to a group of professionals that is naturally modest. It can’t hurt to pause at this realization from time to time.

“Security guards contribute to the level on which we can keep functioning as a society.”

In offices, hospitals, and shopping malls where large crowds gather, Security Hosts from bouwens& - and their colleagues from other organizations – facilitate a safe, calm, and pleasant atmosphere. Sometimes they do so without being noticed, but they’re never indispensable. Most times they can count on the respect of those they watch over, but often they have to deal with rudeness or unfair reactions. In some cases, they have to deal with strong emotions or even aggression. Not everyone can deal with that, but we are proud to know that without exception our men and women stay calm, keep oversight, and – most importantly – are emphatic.

Security guards – in every public space – not only help stopping this pandemic, they also contribute to the level on which we can keep functioning as a society. This makes us prouder of our colleagues than ever.