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#4 - Look ahead!

Article by Michael Bouwens

CEO & Founder bij bouwens&

16 April 2020

Even for people who are optimists by nature - and I’m one of them - it is not that easy to focus on things that actually go well these days. Yet I’ve made it a personal goal in life to see the glass as half full at all times. Particularly now!

What really helps for me personally are all the wonderful initiatives and the enormous commitment that you see all over the world. People and organizations join forces, factories are converting production lines, people are returning from retirement and great initiatives have been launched.

Take for example Erik-Jan Ginjaar of Postillion Hotels, who quickly made his branches six feet proof and adjusted the routing in the hotels and conference centers, among other things, and created a distance of six feet between chairs and tables. A good example of what an organization can do within its own proposition. These initiatives have in common that they are initiated by leaders who look ahead and show true character.

At bouwens& we have set up a team that investigates how we can help our customers to function optimally in a new - temporary and in some areas probably permanent - reality and a successful reopening of their locations.

And we’re not just brainstorming. We will launch a new initiative soon that we believe will truly make a difference. It is too early to lift a tip of the veil, but I am already looking forward to sharing the initiative.

Until then: stay healthy and happy!