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NPM Capital has been using Bouwens chauffeur services for fifteen years.

Bouwens Chauffeur Services and NPM Capital

NPM Capital is an investment firm that builds the businesses of the future together with its partners. They are focused on medium sized to large organisations in the Benelux area.

After being founded in 1948, NPM consistently contributed to Holland’s post war reconstruction. In the 1980’s the private equity firm expanded rapidly and became listed on the Dutch stock exchange. This listing was reversed in 2000 by SHV Holdings, who integrated NPM in their own firm.

Today, NPM has a stake in approximately 30 companies such as Bergman Clinics, HAK, Picnic, and Suitsupply, making it a modern firm that invests in long term value creation.

Former situation

In the 90’s, NPM’s board’s desire for chauffeur services became more urgent, because much time was lost on congested roads. Also, at work functions they wanted to offer their guests and themselves the chance to responsibly enjoy a glass of wine and arrive home safely. Other suppliers seemed to fall short where it came to punctuality, quality, and flexibility.


In 2006 a business relation recommends Bouwens Chauffer Services to NPM. After an initial mutually pleasant introduction between NPM and Bouwens founder Michael Bouwens, a successful partnership is started. Bouwens always has a well trained, representative chauffeur available and last minute reservations or changes are never a problem. The planning department knows the individual preferences of NPM’s board members and takes them into account every time.


Investment team member (2001-2013) Bas Maassen regularly used a Bouwens chauffeur in his own car. On working with Bouwens: “You’d think it’s a pretty straightforward job, taking someone from A to B. But it’s not just comfortable driving that we expect. Especially when meeting business relations, a representative presence and mental flexibility are a must. At Bouwens they understand this, just as they understand that the average day of our employees tends to unfold differently than planned.”

“Bouwens Chauffeur Services usually pairs employees with the same chauffeur.”

NPM and Bouwens have been partners for 15 years now. Maassen: “The chauffeurs are there when you need them and they always remain friendly and composed, even if an appointment turns out to take a lot longer than expected. They stay at an appropriate distance and never interfere or impose themselves in any way.”

Bouwens is also deployed at soirees or receptions. “We like to drive ourselves to these events. The chauffeurs make their way to the location, take the keys and drive us home safely. They then proceed to their own destination.”

Chauffeursdiensten met krant

Before the first assignment, Bouwens looks at the personal preferences of the client. This allows for the selection of a chauffeur that fits their profile, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Maassen: “They know I like to be chauffeured calmly, and I never have to remind them of that. It’s a comfortable ride, every time. You can tell every chauffeur has been trained well.

Many of NPM’s employees are driven to their destinations by the same chauffeur. “Bouwens pairs us with the same person, always well-trained, and with the experience to know how we like to be chauffeured.”

“All it takes is one phone call.”

The secretaries of NPM are always happy to work with Bouwens. “All it takes is one phone call. We then receive a preliminary confirmation before a final confirmation. The planners don’t leave anything to chance”, says former secretary Eline Bossen (2011-2015). “They never say “we’ll see what we can do”, they simply make sure it’s taken care of.

This 15-year long cooperation shows the reliability of Bouwens. Demanding and dynamic organisations such as NPM must be able to rely on their suppliers this way.