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bouwens& FD Mediagroep

In its transformation from a traditional newspaper into a modern media enterprise, FD Mediagroep deliberately chooses reception services with a human approach.

FD Mediagroep consists of Het Financieele Dagblad, BNR Nieuwsradio, and several smaller media companies. Their office is located at the Prins Bernhardplein, an infamous roundabout for all travelling into or out of Amsterdam’s east side. It holds workspaces, as well as radio studios and a number of meeting rooms.

Het FD krant

In 2010 FD decided to look for a partner in hospitality services. A partner willing to go for personal involvement, both on the work floor and at management level. Together with FD’s facility management we recruit, select, and train receptionists. The objective is a reception that is professional and well-mannered, while at the same time casual and informal.