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Growing shortage of hosts and hostesses in the security industry

16 May 2018

Not enough people realize how important a qualified security officer is for an organization or building. “A guest, or a candidate for an application, immediately feels a positive atmosphere when welcomed in a professional and warm fashion. This positively affects the meeting or interview”, says Michael Bouwens, founder and director of hospitality specialist bouwens&.

At many organizations, the security officer is the first point of contact for visitors. This means that the security officer is the one who determines what kind of first impression people have. “You only get one chance at a first impression”, Hospitality Manager Ineke van de Laak from bouwens& emphasizes. “Each client or visitor wants to be noticed and appreciates feeling supported by a personal host who clears obstacles and creates the conditions for success.” Bouwens& is specialized in hospitality services, reception services, and security. They focus mainly on environments where hospitality really matters, such as offices, hospitals, and visitor centres. Bouwens& does not work with traditional receptionists and security officers, but with modern hostesses and hosts.


Founder and Director Michael Bouwens sees the demand for a distinctive customer experience growing rapidly. “Our clients are critical when it comes to their surrounding and appearance, so it makes perfect sense that they are highly selective while choosing security officers and hosts. In the end, these are the people responsible for the first impression the organization makes on visitors. That’s why we are quite picky as well when recruiting and selecting. We only go for people that are a perfect match with the client’s culture and identity.

Hospitality is our main goal, so we train candidates with the right talents and skills in our own Hospitality Academy. There, they can become a Security Host or another type of high end service provider. We are the only company that requires ‘being in love with service’ as a condition to apply.”

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