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New website for Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten: high-end service and 100% climate-neutral executive chauffeur services

21 June 2021

The market for executive chauffeur services came to a complete hold during the corona pandemic. At Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten, we have used this period to further develop the quality and services of executive transport and raise it to an even higher level. This way, we will remain at the top of our business - even after the pandemic.

First of all, we developed a brand-new website. In terms of style and tone, it is more in line with the level that we aim for in our services. We also have a new online reservation system, in which our various services and rates are shown.

Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten focuses on the future. For example, we are the first company in the Netherlands with the ambition to offer 100% climate-neutral executive transport. In addition to executive chauffeurs for your own car, we also offer luxury cars with executive chauffeurs. Our fleet now includes luxury hybrid and 100% electric executive cars.

We also compensate the CO2 emission of every trip - including the ones in the client’s own car – by supporting projects of the World Wildlife Fund. In doing so, we contribute to a green future, together with our clients.