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Bouwens& presents: the Multifunctional Desk

11 May 2021

The office is becoming a meeting place, that much is clear. According to TNO’s most recent study, people want to go there to work together, exchange ideas, and stay connected with their contacts. COO Tessa de Grijff explains how bouwens& helps facility managers offer their employees and visitors the kind of service that facilitates such a place.

We meet De Grijff at bouwens&’s brand new office, one large open space with lots of light, plants, and multiple cosy corners where the staff gets together. She strongly confirms what was presented in the TNO study. “We see every day that people view the office as a meeting place. However, more meeting rooms, the latest equipment and a comfortable lounge isn’t enough. Creating the dynamic working environment that the professionals of the future are asking for requires a true transformation.”

Reception desk of the future

For this reason, bouwens& recently launched a new concept: the Multifunctional Desk. “It’s what we call the reception of the future”, De Grijff explains. “Obviously, it’s where people turn to for traditional services such as meeting room reservations, sending out packages, answering incoming calls, or reporting incidents and complaints. At the same time it’s an extension of the organization, through office management and secretary support such as scheduling and fleet management, and travel management. On top of that, and this is unique, the reception will function as a concierge of sorts.”

Multifunctionele desk

Everything can be arranged

Imagine, you want to arrange a nice surprise for a colleague who’s having his or her birthday. You go to the Multifunctional Desk for an original present. The same goes for when you are looking to organize a perfect meeting from A to Z for your clients and relations. De Grijff: “Everything can be arranged. A personal touch and sincere attention for the other person – a colleague, client, or whoever – are more important than ever. This is where you can distinguish yourself as an organization.” The Multifunctional Desk can even become a coffee bar, creating another versatile meeting place within the office. “The modern office should be so irresistible, that it’s the place of choice for people to meet. With this we help the facility manager.”

Crucial role for technology and data

“To create a facility service that stays ahead of the game, technology and the data it provides are crucial”, says De Grijff. That is why bouwens& and a number of its clients developed ARRIVED@. This app connects all facility suppliers with each other, employees, visitors, and facility management. ARRIVED@ offers the facility manager a full overview of all services at all times. Aside from that, it’s a data goldmine with which processes can be constantly improved; an unbeatable feature, when combined with the Multifunctional Desk. De Grijff: “We see increased quality of service on all testing locations, which is amazing. We will be happy to tell you more about it soon!”