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Our core values connect us with you and with each other.

Core values

We pride ourselves on our core values and beliefs: personal, authentic, positive, partnership and ambition.


A truly valuable hospitality service begins when corporate becomes personal. Because only when we truly know what the other person needs, we can surpass their expectations. That’s why we have an ongoing conversation to create a service tailored to your environment. So, yes we take hospitality quite personally.


An inviting and proactive personality is not a mask we simply put on when we step into the office in the morning. It’s who we are, all the time, to everyone alike.


Naturally there will be setbacks and obstacles, but how will you tackle them? We choose to see solutions instead of problems. Our communication is open and direct, which helps us make ourselves better all the time. With a sense of humour and an informal way of interacting we keep each other sharp and fresh. 


There’s only one team, and we’re all in it. Clients, management, and our hosts and hostesses work together on a basis of equality, respect, and trust.


When we say we want to grow, we are talking about improvement, not expansion. Yes, by now we hold a firm position within the industry, but we never aim to become the biggest company. We do strive to be the best in the business, both towards our clients and our heroes on the work floor. After all, they are the ones making a difference, day in and day out.

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