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We take the effects of our operation on the environment, the climate, and people seriously.


With every decision we make we respect the balance between society (people), the environment (planet), and financial results (profit). We don’t look only at rules and regulations, but also at the interest of every employee, client, and partner.

People and society

At bouwens& we stimulate the personal growth of our people. We extensively train and coach our employees and offer them courses, workshops, and interesting activities after work. Highly motivated employees and low absenteeism make us proud, our specialists develop themselves into the best in the business.

The diverse background of our people gives them the chance to learn from each other. In our recruitment and selection process we don’t take race, gender, sexual preference, age, religion, nationality, or social status into account. Equality in opportunities is a given in our policy.

Because we feel fortunate to be able to do this work, we feel it is not more than natural to give something back. We are so called ‘zakenvriend’ (business relation) of the Dutch cancer foudation KWF en we supply employees to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Cancer hospital in Amsterdam free of charge.


During recruitment we select employees that live in the vicinity of the client. Our people love riding their bikes to work, or they make use of The Netherlands’ excellent public transportation system. Newsletters and payslips are sent via email. Our main office in Amsterdam is extremely easily reachable by public transportation.

Financial results

Of course we strive for good financial results. But not at all cost. With every decision we make, we think about the effects on all involved, as we feel a strong social responsibility. Our own people as well as our partners usually have families and long-term financial obligations. As an employer we feel a moral obligation to consider this when making decisions that can affect them.

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