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Free online registration system for visitors in offices.


ARRIVED is a free online visitor registration system for offices. The platform is set up in five minutes and can be used immediately. Visitors that use ARRIVED pass a fast check-in that includes a health check. Their appointment is notified directly.

Visitor registration in offices is mandatory and usually it’s a pretty standard procedure. You go to the front desk, register, and wait for your appointment. This is labour intensive, takes time, and often turns out incomplete. ARRIVED lets visitors scan a QR code at the entrance. This takes them to an online form where they fill in contact information and a health check to complete the registration; all done efficiently and safely.

ARRIVED informs the visitor where to go and notifies the employee they are meeting with. Conventional visitor registration feels like an obligation, whereas people see ARRIVED as an extra service. ARRIVED’s health check adds to a safe working environment and streamlines events in case of a GGD contact investigation.

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