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The heart of your facility operation deserves the best people.

Facility service desk

The facility service desk is the heart of your facility operation. Our specialized staff answers all questions and requests concerning facility matters.

Facility service desk by specialists

The professionals at a bouwens& service desk receive and process all questions and notifications from your employees. They file complaints and assess complications regarding facility processes. In case a problem can not be resolved by our staff, they will notify other departments or suppliers. The facility service desk monitors progress and evaluates provided solutions.

Our people are the go-to contact for your employees and suppliers. At the desk, on the phone, via email, and through the Facility Management Information System, they provide swift and accurate assistance. They will gladly arrange:

  • Meeting rooms;
  • Catering;
  • Audio-visual equipment;
  • Taxis and travel arrangements;
  • Events.

Implementing a facility service desk

If so requested, we will assist you with implementing a Facility Management Information system. Factors to be taken into consideration are user experience, compatibility with your business, reports, and cost. With a FMIS your implementation will be smooth and your facility service desk heads a streamlined operation.