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6 Feet Host

Bouwens& developed the "6 Feet Host". We train professional hostesses and hosts online to become specialists who help organizations operate smoothly within the guidelines of social distancing. In every environment where many people gather, a 6 Feet Host provides safety and overview.

Enforcing the six feet rule is not only crucial for protecting public health and economic stability, but also a precondition for organizations to function properly. The 6 Feet Host contributes to preventing the spread of Covid-19 and thus ensures a healthy working and living environment.

The working area of ​​the 6 Feet Host is any place where many people gather, such as office buildings, hospitals and shops, but also museums and theaters. Wherever groups of people should be able to move freely, the presence of a 6 Feet Host is essential.

This specialist:

6 Feet Host

More information?

Feel free to contact Tessa de Grijff (COO) at or 06-29591788. She will be happy to assist you.