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Bouwens& is one of the top facility service providers in the Netherlands

17 July 2020

This summer, Facto Magazine presented the results of its 'Partner of Choice 2020' survey. The purpose of the survey is to help professionals choose the right facility service provider for their business. With a listing in the top ten, bouwens& is one of the best facility service providers in the Netherlands.

Right course

Bouwens& founder and CEO Michael Bouwens: “We are in good company with the Partner of Choice research. Without exception, the list consists of suppliers who are each successful in the marketplace, each with their own signature. Still, I am very proud of the exceptional presence of bouwens& on this list. As the only single service supplier for hospitality and reception services, we stand out. We are the relatively small and still unknown supplier among major players. As far as I am concerned, it shows that we are on the right course with our mission: bringing personal contact back into people’s lives.”


“We strongly believe in the so called wow-factor,” says Michael. “It is one of the characteristics of our service: always make sure that you continue to surprise the guests and employees of your client. Never rest on your laurels and never settle for a pass. This also applies to being selected a "Partner of Choice". Yes, it is certainly something to be proud of. But it is no reason for us to sit back. We are looking at how we can continue to rise, even now that we are the highest-ranking specialist in reception services. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but the best. We have chosen to be a boutique hospitality service provider with a very personal approach. The most important thing for me: always try to serve our customers even better. That's what it's all about for us!”

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