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Armonia acquires Receptel

5 December 2022

Armonia Group acquires Receptel, the market leader in hospitality and reception services in Belgium. Receptel has existed since 2000 and was owned by RGF Staffing.

Armonia Group, founded in 1974 in Paris by Patrick Thélot, is an international leader in the hospitality and facility management market. The group remains a family-owned business today. Michael Bouwens, Managing Director at Armonia Benelux, is happy with the acquisition: “Receptel is a very well-known brand and a reputable provider of hospitality and reception services in Belgium. This deal will allow Receptel to continue to grow and increase its success even further. We will invest more in technology and apps, and offer Receptel’s staff extensive training and development opportunities. The Receptel brand and culture - and everything that makes this beautiful company unique - will be maintained. In the coming years, we will further develop the range of services together.”

With an annual turnover of €10 million, Receptel has 250 front-office and facilities specialists working at 150 clients across Belgium. Caroline Saeremans, Business Unit Manager at Receptel, will remain with the business, together with the rest of the team. Saeremans: “I am thrilled to work with the people of Armonia. By taking this step, Receptel is joining a strong international family of like-minded companies, specialised in hospitality and facility services. The focus on customer satisfaction, distinctive personal service and the human touch connects us all. The takeover will provide Receptel with new opportunities for both customers and employees.”

Katty Scheerlinck, CEO at RGF Staffing Belgium, explains: “Over the past 20 years, Receptel has grown to become the market leader in hospitality and reception services in Belgium, with a strong national team and diverse client base. We are pleased that, with the acquisition by Armonia, Receptel can continue to grow thanks to the investments and expertise of an international organisation with hospitality and facility management as core business.”

About Armonia

Armonia is a leading expert in hospitality and facility management, with 16,000 employees and 4,500 customers in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The annual turnover is around 350 million euros. Its portfolio covers a wide range of sectors and branches, serving premium brands such as BNP, Estée Lauder, LVMH, Renault and Société Générale. The Belgian brand of Armonia is now called ‘Receptel’.

About RGF Staffing

RGF Staffing Belgium is a leading HR service provider in the Belgian market with operating companies Unique, Start People, Bright Plus, USG Professionals and Solvus. RGF Staffing Belgium is part of RGF Staffing, one of the largest HR service and technology providers in the world, with activities in Asia Pacific, Europe, Japan and North America. Every day more than 350,000 people are employed via the specialised brands of the RGF Staffing network.

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