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National Cooperation Week 2019: side by side with colleague’s in the field

20 August 2019

From Monday 9 to Friday 13, 2019 the fourth edition of the Nationale MeewerkWeek (National Cooperation Week) will take place in the Netherlands. Throughout the country, management teams of numerous companies - committed to being a good employer - work side by side with their employees in the field. This will not only provide important insights to optimize work processes and the employability of people, but it strongly increases mutual involvement at all levels of the participating companies. Bouwens& is a proud participator in this annual event.

Therefore, Michael Bouwens - managing director of bouwens& - will work as a receptionist, security guard and executive chauffeur. He is well acquainted with the latter role, since Michael started bouwens& in 2003 by offering chauffeur services. At the time, he could be find behind the wheel of a car himself. “I am particularly looking forward to the one-on-one collaboration with our reception and security staff. What do they like about their work, what do they encounter and what improvements can we make? It’s my experience that the most valuable ideas often arise in the field. So what could be better than literally being part of it when that happens?”, Michael says.

National Cooperation Week appeals to him for several reasons. Equality is a key element of the organizational structure of his company. At bouwens&, employer and employee are equally important. They must have a good understanding of - the challenges of – each other's work and more importantly: out of genuine interest. It is the firm belief and experience of Michael and his team at bouwens& that mutual appreciation and commitment are crucial for being successful. Both on a personal as well as a corporate level.

Nationale MeewerkWeek 2019

Michael: “For bouwens&, being a good employer primarily means that we offer a work environment where people are not a number. Where we actually know each other personally, understand each other and collaborate. This attitude and ambition is reflected in the front office services we offer our clients. There’s always a personal touch, we’re thoughtful and always proactive.”

The job of the receptionist and security guard is changing. For many professionals, the office is no longer just a workplace. Nowadays, you can work at home, from a coffee bar or practically anywhere. Therefore, offices have become a place where people come to meet, become inspired, connect and initiate innovation.

Therefore, National Cooperation Week is a great opportunity for Michael to better understand what is needed to facilitate such an environment. To really understand how you create the ultimate guest experience. What is needed to receive visitors, accompany them to an appointment, serve coffee, supervise in a way that is so professional, pleasant and distinctive that people - unknowingly - walk out of the building with a smile on their face?

A week ‘in the field’ not only provides Michael and his management team with new insights on how to better guide, coach and facilitate the employees of bouwens& and to become a better company. It is also a great opportunity to get to know each other even better on a personal level. That’s ultimately what bouwens& is all about.