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Michael Bouwens on BNR Groeihelden: “We remain focused on being the best employer in the market.”

12 April 2019

How does a company grow, when the market seems saturated and margins are thin as paper? In which ways can a provider stand out from the crowd?

It was 2003 when Michael Bouwens started providing chauffeur services from his tiny student room. Today, bouwens& employs over 250 professionals who are specialized in several hospitality services. On BNR Groeihelden Michael paints the background against which he built his company: “In 1927 my grandfather started a funeral service, which is now run by the third generation. His motto was ‘semper paratus’, always be at the disposal of those who request your service. At bouwens& we translated this to ‘in love with service’. Michael has a dream, would you like to know what it is?

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