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21 April 2020

Today, we have launched (‘six feet works better’). The website is a source of information that helps anyone who works at the office - behind a desk or reception, but also in facility services, cleaning and catering - to deal with the reality of collaborating in the six feet economy. offers practical tips on how to deal with colleagues and guests, cleaning the workplace, using public areas, designing and routing buildings and organizing 'corona-proof' meetings. is a bouwens& initiative. The outbreak of the corona virus means a new reality for people working in an office building. We have to keep a distance of six feet from other people, but there are also stricter rules with regard to keeping the workplace clean, eating and drinking in the office and meetings.

Michael Bouwens: “ is designed to provide insight and overview to people who will be returning to the office. Whether you are behind the reception, have an office job or are in catering: everyone has the same questions about what this new way of working will mean, how you deal with it and what you can do to be and stay safe and productive.” focuses on six categories: office workers ("people behind a desk"), receptionists, catering staff, cleaners, facility managers and real estate owners.