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Corona proof chauffeur services

Now that COVID-19 guidelines allow professionals in the Netherlands to gradually get back to business, executives and members of supervisory boards in both the private as well as public sector have to attend an increasing number of live business meetings.

To ease the busy lives of people at the top of business and government, we offer corona proof chauffeur services. Safe and reliable transport at a high level.

Some features:

  • an executive chauffeur who is exclusively assigned to one client;
  • flexible availability at every desired day and time;
  • a minimum use of 25 hours per week;
  • can be canceled every week on Thursday for the following week;
  • chauffeurs are demonstrably healthy and vital and are tested every weekend for Covid-19;
  • chauffeurs can drive a client's car or a luxury car provided by Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten, which are fitted with a hygienic, transparent partition between chauffeur and passenger;
  • before the start of each ride, there is complete disinfection of the interior of the car with rubbing alcohol and hygienic wipes;
  • full compliance with the rules and guidelines of the National Government and the RIVM, such as washing hands regularly with soap and water, no shaking hands, no door opening and no accepting of items;
  • the chauffeur travels to the client with his own transport, never by public transport.

Corona proof chauffeursdiensten

Personal assistant on the road

Only executive chauffeurs who have completed the Professional Chauffeur Training course and are in possession of the nationally recognized CCV-D1 certificate are allowed on the road on behalf of Bouwens Chauffeur Services. This way, we guarantee that a chauffeur will provide our clients with safe and comfortable transport at all times. In addition to being a skilled chauffeur, he or she is also a personal assistant.

The executive chauffeur is always well prepared for specific destinations throughout the country and is familiar with (alternative) routes.

First Aid and AED

As requested by Bouwens, PDS - a specialist in executive chauffeur training - has developed a special training course that, in addition to the usual first aid components such as resuscitation, also focuses on situations and risks in and around the car, such as traffic accidents, discomfort and alarms. Every executive chauffeur of Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten has completed this training.

More information?

Feel free to contact Djordy van der Veer (Manager Planning) via or 020-6422820. He will be happy to assist you.