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The daily essence of hospitality

5 September 2023

Whether working at DLA Piper or just visiting its Zuidas office, the vibe at this multinational law firm is exceptionally warm, thanks in part to the Hospitality Desk run by bouwens&. 

If you think a front desk is just a table with a receptionist behind it, it's time to visit DLA Piper’s Amsterdam office. Here, you might just feel like the hospitality team has been expecting you. And it has: the hosts and hostesses know who you are and what you need. Trained by bouwens&, a leading expert in hospitality and facility management, they make each workday at DLA Piper run like clockwork.

Meet Yvonne Melieste, the driving force behind DLA Piper’s Hospitality Desk. She knows how to transform a regular office day into a thriving symphony of productivity. As the desk’s Team Leader, Yvonne brings over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, embodying the bouwens& hospitality philosophy with every interaction. "Especially after the COVID lockdowns, we are very excited to meet people's needs again. Like I say in Dutch: we love being ready for “de wensen van de mensen”."

The desk at DLA Piper is the vibrant heart of the office. Yvonne and her colleagues warmly greet every person by name, whether they’re employees or visitors. One minute they’re calling a taxi, a restaurant or a handyman, the other they’re lovingly serving coffee, tea or lunch. Need a bike? They’ll help you out. Does your robe need to be steamed? No problem.

In times of hybrid working and staff shortages, a positive office vibe is crucial for connection, talent recruitment and staff retention. "We’re not just colleagues," Yvonne confirms. "We’re a team, a family." It’s this feeling that takes working at DLA Piper – and at the other companies managed by bouwens&’s Hospitality Desks – to a higher level. 

Hospitality experts such as Yvonne have hospitality ingrained in their DNA: they're cheerful, motivated, and proactive. And they understand that genuine attention greases the wheels of any office dynamics, creating a space where ‘a great experience every day’ is not merely a slogan, but the norm. 

Looking for a better office vibe? The hospitality experts at bouwens& can't wait to meet you.