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Christmas in times of change

22 December 2021

Everything is always moving and nothing ever remains the same. Still we probably all agree that at the moment our society seems extremely unpredictable.

In spite of that, we want to use these holiday wishes to share our gratitude for everything that is going well and for all possibilities still pursuable.

Against the backdrop of the seemingly endless challenges of the last two years, we finally merged with the Belgian-Luxembourg branch of Armonia in December. Backed by this globally operating specialist in hospitality and facility services, we are now the Benelux’s most powerful partnership. That’s why we have a strongly positive outlook on the future.

At the same time, we reflect and realize that this milestone would have never been reached without the efforts and talent of every single person working for us. In that light we also want to mention the understanding and patience of their and our own families. To feel supported by those around you, in the workplace and at home, is being wealthy in ways money can never buy!

We can only fully dedicate ourselves to clients, colleagues and partners when we are healthy and strong. This is not to be taken for granted, something people who have to deal with cancer know all too well. For this reason, we always make an effort to fight this horrible decease in the days surrounding Christmas. As year-round Business Friend of KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) and supporter of the Prinses Máxima Centre Foundation we make extra generous donations in December, and call on everyone who can to do the same.

One way to do so is donating a lampion light for KWF’s Nederland Geeft Licht campaign. Or have a look at their website for other ways to support KWF’s fantastic work.

We want to thank you for your interest in bouwens&, and we wish you and everyone around you a Christmas filled with love and a healthy, meaningful 2022.


Michael Bouwens    Tessa de Grijff    Katinka Haeck-Lemmen